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The View

The history of the Methodist Church, started by John Wesley goes back as far as the 1700s. Methodism rose to great popularity in 18th century England during a time of great disatisfaction with the Church of England and its advocation of many social problems, including alcoholism, political mismanagement and slavery. Wesley envisioned bringing back the message of love and life-giving hope of Jesus Christ to his congregation and the world over. His message reached North America in the form of the Free Methodist movement.

B.T. Roberts, writer of the song "Amazing Grace", was one of the early leaders of the Free Methodist Church in North America. Believing in the cause Wesley founded nearly a hundred years previous, Roberts among others saught to renew that message when it began to become lost among the problems of corruption and mismanagement within the Episcopalian Methodist Church as well. It is in the the tradition of Wesley, Roberts and others that the Free Methodist Church and New Hope exist today.

We believe...

  • That all believers are participants in God's purpose
  • In the authority of the Bible and that we must submit to and trust God in all things thereby allowing Him to shape our lives according to His will
  • In not forcing a denomination or religion upon anyone
  • Religion is humankind's attempt to reach God and Christianity as God's attempt to reach humankind, of which He does numerous times in the Bible
  • In a sense of spiritual responsibility to our neighbours
  • That New Hope is here to challenge, motivate and encourage growth in the Christian faith in believers and non-believers alike

To learn more about the The Free Methodist Church and our beliefs, look for the link to the official Free Methodist Church site on our links page.

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