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The Sanctuary Welcome to the online version of New Hope Methodist Church. We are a relatively young congregation (a little over seven years old) situated in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We warmly welcome you to share in our worship services and invite you to join us in Christian fellowship.


  • There have been a few changes in recent weeks. Firstly, some photos have finally been added to the site. At the left is a picture of the sanctuary. As well, photos of some of the New Hope admin can be found on our "About Us" page.
  • In other news, the name of our weekly chat has been changed. We have opted to call it the Hour Of The Living Word. Still on at the same time as before (Mondays 7:30pm EST), we hope to see all our members (and new faces) come out to discuss with the webmaster Epic any and all things spiritual.
  • The Forum has a new look! Having changed hosts, New Hope Methodist Forum is looking forward to entertaining a whole slew of new discourse and activity for this coming season, new decor and all. As well, any new announcements concerning the church will be posted there, so be sure to check it often. In addition, we have the new feature, Question of the Week, which will pose intriguing spiritual questions and issues to our members. Even if you're not a member, don't be afraid attempt an answer. We are all students of the Word and can only benefit from its message when we share and learn from each other, no matter what stage of belief we're at.

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